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I love love love this gym! A year ago I got fed up with not being able to shop in store for clothes... I found my Spoonfed family. I am a mom of two kids, very curvy and weighed 270 lbs! I needed a positive judge free environment because I NEVER played sports but I wanted to get fit! 60 lbs later I have kept the weight off!! BEST DECISION EVER!!!

- LaKia King, 2022

Hi, my name is Joni and I’m 30 yrs old and a mother of 5. After years of being stressed about my weight I finally decided I was going to get healthy and get fit even tho I didn’t know how. A friend of mines referred me to Spoonfed and told me how great LaTaunya was so I decided to try it out. The first day let me tell you was probably one of the hardest days I faced physically and after I was done I told myself I wasn’t going back because I was hurting like crazy but the way LaTaunya pushes you to be the best you can be did something to my spirit. I’ve never had anyone make me feel like I was worth so much more and that was what did it for me. Sis is definitely GOALS! I’ve been going faithfully 3-4 x a week for almost 3 weeks now and I’m already down 13 lbs. I feel amazing mentally spiritually and physically. I feel like I’m reborn! This is my new life style and this is something I won’t stop fighting for. Spoonfed is more than just a gym. Thank you ain’t much for showing me what I’m really worth.

Jonisha Clay, 2020

The Mt Calvary Women's Ministry fellowshipped at SpoonFed for a well deserved Mind, Body and Spirit workout conducted by owner/operator LaTaunya Witherspoon. The session was "at you pace" invigorating. The women encouraged and supported each other throughout the 90 minute session. LaTaunya knows how to hit all areas of the body. I felt rejuvenated and energized the next morning and look forward to our next gathering!

— Denise, 2018

I've had Vertigo really bad for years... if you know of anyone who's had or has this, it can be a very debilitating condition. It sometimes does not allow me to lay flat... until I started working out with Lataunya at SpoonFed! Nothing else in my life has changed, so it has to be the consistent exercise I've been getting, it's literally changed my life I need motivation to exercise and doing it in a group setting motivates me and is very inspiring and encouraging. So if you don't have a routine with SpoonFed, get one and watch your life and body change too!!

— Alesia Parker, 2018


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