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Whether you are new to working out, training for a specific sport, or just looking to take

your fitness to the next level, one-on-one personal training offers the most efficient way

to reach your individual goals. In addition to designing a safe and effective training

routine, our certified, experienced personal trainers can provide you with the education, accountability, and motivation to jump-start your fitness routine and achieve maximum results. We offer 30 or 60-minute one-on-one sessions with our team of certified

personal trainers.


We are offering a variety of programs through digital platforms. Book your session today! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest class schedules.


A total-body workout designed to bring out your inner athlete! Each class combines a

variety of athletic movements with high-intensity interval training to improve muscle performance, speed, and agility, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.


This intense cardiovascular workout combines fundamental boxing techniques

(both heavy bag work and shadow-boxing) with running, burpees, squats, and other functional movements, helping to increase stamina and endurance while also

strengthening muscles and improving coordination. 

kids Speed and agility.HEIC

No matter the sport, SpoonFed Training can help you attain peak physical condition, improve your game, and gain an edge over the competition. Our professional staff specializes in pro-athlete training, including NFL combine and NFL off-season training, as well as sport-specific training and conditioning for athletes at every level, including Olympic-level, Division I/collegiate, and high school/middle school.  Each athlete will work on Strength Training, Speed, Agility, Recovery, Injury Prevention, Cardio and more. 

ZUMBA .png

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout that is primarily an aerobic workout and it's all about having fun.  This dance workout, which looks and sounds more like a dance party, remains a popular go-to for fitness-minded people around the world. 

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