When you sign up with Spoon Fed Training, you start with a complete body composition evaluation. Your specific goals are identified and a personalized training program is established to help you attain them.

Nutritional assessment is also a component of personal training. Information on meal planning and supplements is available to help you meet your needs, and constant follow up and updates are extremely valuable in helping you attain your goals.

The personal attention you get with a personal trainer, combined with a program designed to meet your needs, offers you a wonderful way to set your goals and stay motivated. Trainers help you progress at rates that are realistic for you, arranging your workout schedules, and holding you accountable for your progress. Your workouts are more consistent and you are shown the techniques for maximum benefits.


Fitness is that which causes you to be healthy and feel good about yourself. It requires you to be disciplined mentally in order to reach your fitness goals. Spoon Fed Training shares an array of custom fitness programs designed to help you enhance your training experience building momemtum, skill and self motivation. A healthier lifestyle is what Spoon Fed Training is all about!


Work your muscles in every way possible with a Spoon Fed  plan designed to build strength, add definition, increase your bone density, and decrease your body fat by increasing your lean muscle. Research has proven that by adding lean muscle to the body you can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories when you work out and at rest. You will use a variety of tools, excercise techniques and your own body weight to change the shape of your body. No muscle gets neglected in strength training.


With Spoonfed Nutritional Training, we have developed Nutrition Packages that are designed to give you the foundation you need in order to achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to tweak your nutrition plan or you are looking for a complete nutrition overhaul, we’ve got packages that are customized for your tastes and lifestyle that also incorporate your favorite foods. All packages include:


  • Personal shopping trip

  • Nutrition Protocol

  • Evaluation of current nutrition

  • One on one consulting sessions

  • Follow-up coaching

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